Camping Rules

Camp Out with the Cubs Scouts Do’s and Don’ts


BSA Rules

No Firearm, Fireworks.

No open Flames in tents.

No Sheath knifes, Machetes, Double Bladed Axes, Gas Saws.

No Alcohol.

No Tobacco use in site of the youths.

No ATV’s.

No Swimming or Boating.

No Fishing in the Swimming area or the canoe area.

No Pets.

No flammable liquid fuels stored in the camp area.

Pack Rules

Boys can not play Electronic games at the camp. No loud Radios or TV’s

Boys can not carry or use a knife or axe unless in visual site of their guardian and they have earned their whittling chip (Bears and WEBELOS only).

Boys can have walking sticks but not “spears” (walking sticks should be as tall as the boy so that they can not fall on them.) (Anyone running, swinging or hitting with sticks will not be allowed to have them.)

All fires must be in a fire ring.

No lighter fuels

Boys can not carry matches or Start fires with out their guardian

Boys can not play in the fires or around the fires (poke it with sticks, toss leaves or objects in the fire.)

Fires will be limited to just a few. Ask the Cub Master, Asst. Cub Master, or outdoor committee member before starting one.

(There will be one large fire for the whole pack to sit around at night and fellowship together.)

Only wood and paper in fires. No plastic, foil, glass, or other unburnable items.


You should bring the following items:

Tent and ground cloth or tarp. (The cheap ones at Wal-Mart, Target, and Academy work well)

Sleeping bag or Sheets and blankets

Drinking water

Food, Eating and Cooking Supplies (Plates, cups, forks, spoons, pots, tongs, based on what your menu will require) there will be several stoves around if you don’t have one we will share.

A cooler and ice if you have perishable food.

Extra Clothes Based on the weather (Extra socks and shoes if it’s raining, extra warm clothes if it’s cold.)

Rain gear if weather calls for it. (Even if it doesn’t, it’s a good idea.)

Flash light (cheap one for the boys in case it is lost. Put name on it)

Toilet paper (1001 uses), Cloth Towels (its great to freshen up), Soap (Soft soap or hand sanitizer works best.)


Small first aid kit (the Pack has one, but is limited to general first aid items – no epipens, etc.)

Nice to have

Glow Sticks (The kids love them.)

Lantern (There will be several you don’t have to buy one if you don’t have one.)

Whistle, compass, binoculars, water bottle with a strap, two way radio (put name on all)

Camp Table

Shade or fly

Rake, Shovel, Small Saw (there will be some one with these that will share if you don’t have one)

Air mattress, Pad or cot.

Camp Stove (There will be several stoves around if you don’t have one we will share)

Paper towels, Trash bags

Paper plates (less washing and can burn in the fire, plastic can not.)

Large wash basin

Rope (small twine 1001 uses)

Ant spray

Large plastic boxes to keep everything in (keeps the rain and bugs out)

Matches or a lighter (keep away from the kids) (There will be several around if you don’t have one we will share.)

A battery fan if it’s hot.

Small amount of wood (Helps if it hasn’t been wet. We will make one big wood pile for the pack to use.)

Fishing pole and bait.